Tired of changing the entire bed at 4am?

There’s endless nights of stripping the bed, replacing sheets, doonas, quilts, blankets, and toys! 

Then in the morning you gather the wet linen to wash, hang and dry.
And you gotta get it done quick, just in case there’s another bedwetting accident tonight… 

There is a better way! 

Bedwetting is easier to manage with the Up & Under Linen & Mattress Protector, because it protects the mattress below and the sheets, blankets and everything else above. 

With the Up & Under, you won’t be stripping the entire bed in the middle of the night and washing wet linen in the morning - just a quick change of pyjamas and you’re done! 

The Up & Under Linen Protector is:

  • soft
  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • easy to fit and remove
  • fast-drying
  • stain resistant
  • comes with a two year product satisfaction guarantee


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Buy two Up & Unders and get a free pillow case valued at $12.99


Ideal product for adult incontinence

Couple rounded



Adult incontinence is a common condition that can be stressful.

The Up & Under Linen & Mattress Protector makes upsetting linen changes so much easier because it saves you from changing the entire bed. 

The Up & Under is a great product for adult incontinence sufferers of all ages.



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