Australia Day: One beautiful story of migration. A metaphor for one million more.

Today is Australia Day – a great day for a barbecue at home, watching the cricket, and getting together with family and friends.

But there’s significant meaning beyond that, particularly for those who have come to appreciate Australia from a different way of life – like me.

Arriving in Australia as a young immigrant child in the mid 70s was a challenging, but rewarding and life changing experience that has shaped the person that I have become today.


Ezy Dry Bed: Up and Under bed wetting solution review

The Ezy Dry Bed: Up and Under Linen and Mattress Protector by Protectabed is a unique and innovative product. The Up and Under consists of a soft, terry towelling undersheet that tucks in over the top of the mattress and bedsheet, as well as a waterproof top layer to protect the linen above. The top layer attaches to the bottom layer with press studs, keeping it firmly in place. Both layers are soft and comfortable.


Ezy Dry Bed Up and Under Review

Let’s talk bedwetting…it’s a real part of raising children and it’s stubbornly ongoing until your child masters the whole bladder thing. (Which can take forever.)I’ve three young bedwetting people in my family and that’s not including the toddler in nappies. I have had these boys of mine wetting their beds for what seems like an eternity and it’s hard not to be frustrated about it. It’s both frustrating for my boys who are ever-eager to grow up and it’s hard on me.