AllerZip Pillow Protector


Keep your pillows protected from accidents with the AllerZip Pillow Protector.  The highly waterproof Miracle Membrane barrier protects your pillows from stains and fluids and keeps it lasting fresher for longer.

This ultra-soft pillow protector also provides complete comfort from bed bugs, dust mites and allergens with its BugLock® zipper system and dust mite flap, making it suitable for asthma or allergy sufferers.  You can find out more information on all of our bed wetting products and incontinence products here.


The AllerZip Pillow Protector keeps pillows protected from all fluids, including bed wetting. If your child is prone to sleeping on their pillow and wets the bed, drinks a bottles in bed, has the occasional blood nose or vomits, the AllerZip Pillow Protector will keep their pillow protected from all such leaks and spills. Machine washable and quick drying.

pillow protector pillow prortector



  • smooth absorbent polyester surface
  • easy to fit zippered closure
  • size: 45x70cms
  • machine wash under 60˚C and warm tumble dry