“The Up & Under is a fantastic product! I have been using it for 12 months, and it’s a great asset, particularly whilst we have been away. Having the top layer cocoon the body is particularly useful as there is less chance of leakage. It has also made me more relaxed about travel knowing that the outer linen is protected. The product is also easy to carry and to launder as well. 

“The special lining means that the child doesn't sweat which has been a problem in the past with other products. In fact, I was unable to find anything like it on the market. It ticked all of the boxes and I would highly recommend it! You really do have a superior product.”

- Anne-Maree H, Strathdale VIC


“Hi Houda, I used the Up & Under yesterday for the first time and woke up with one wet boy but no wet doona! Thank you so much, you have halved my washing load! I'm one happy mamma.”

- Sarah M, Greenacre NSW


“Wow, I'm very, very happy with the Up & Under. The first night I used it my daughter wasn't feeling very well so I went to check up on her just before midnight and right there and then she wet the bed. I had a smile on my face, as I pulled off the wet Up & Under and put her back to bed, after changing her. There was no need to change her sheets! Actually thinking about it I might need a second one, for the second part of the night. Thank you for making my life that little bit easier.”

- Mariam A, Broadmeadows VIC


“I love the Up & Under!!! My three year old son calls it his magic sheets. He has convinced himself that the Up & Under aka "magic sheets" stop him from wetting the bed. When I took it off his bed he started to wet the bed again. Back they went on his bed, and what do you know? No more bed wetting! I know the Up & Under wasn't designed for this, but hey, I don't care, they still save me from a pee soaked bed to clean. Thank you Houda.”

- Rana E, Point Cook VIC


“Thank you so much for the Up & Under, I am so happy with it. I put it on the bed, using the tuck in skirt to keep it in place and put my daughter to bed. In the morning she was wet and I couldn't believe how easy it was to just pull it off and throw into the washing machine with her wet clothes. Everything else stayed dry and I didn't have to waste my time remaking the bed.”

- Emne M, Auburn NSW